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Cendekia Niaga

Jurnal Cendekia Niaga is a journal managed by the Center for Education and Training Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia.  First published in 2016 with ISSN 2548-3137 (Print) and later on it is published on Open Journal System in 2019 with e-ISSN 2548-3145. This journal contains articles on Trade studies and development with the scope of domestic and international trade and economics, and human resources capacity development including Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection, International Trade Cooperation, Trade Remedies, Trade-related human resources competency development, and Small Medium Enterprises. Cendekia Niaga receives manuscripts written either in English or Bahasa Indonesia that have not been published in journals/proceedings or any other scholarly publications.  Cendekia Niaga published twice a year and indexed in Garuda, Google Scholar, PKP Index and SINTA. Cendekia Niaga: Journal of Trade Development and Studies is accredited SINTA 5 by the Directorate of Research, Technology and Higher Education the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, Technology and Higher Education since Vol.4 No. 1/2020 to Vol. 8 No. 2/2024.

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Trade Policy Journal

Trade Policy Journal is a journal managed by the Trade Policy Agency of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. First published in 2022 using the Open Journal System. This journal contains articles on trade issues and policies within the scope of domestic and international trade and economics. Trade Policy Journal accepts manuscripts written in Indonesian and English that have never been published in journals/proceedings or other scientific publications.

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Jurnal Insan Metrologi

Development Center of Metrological Resources (PPSDK) receive scientific papers from Metrological Human Resources, lecturers, researchers, certain functional officials, as well as from other general writers, including undergraduate and postgraduate students. Manuscripts that can be published in the Insan Metrology Journal are research manuscripts and review types. The Insan Metrology Journal is published regularly twice a year.ISSN ONLINE: 2828-2035

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Buletin Ilmiah Litbang Perdagangan

First published in 2007, Buletin Ilmiah Litbang Perdagangan (BILP) is a scientific journal published by the Trade Analysis dan Development Agency (Badan Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Perdagangan - BPPP), Ministry of Trade, Republic of Indonesia. This bulletin is expected to be a media of dissemination and analysis of research results to be used as references for academics, practitioners, policy-makers, and the general public.  In collaboration with professional associations, The Indonesian Society of Agricultural Economics (Perhimpunan Ekonomi Pertanian Indonesia - PERHEPI), BILP publishes research and analysis result of trade sector and/or sector-related trade which have not been published in any other journals/scholarly publications, either in Bahasa Indonesia or English. Publishing twice a year in July and December, this Bulletin is directly disseminated to stakeholders in online version.

Starting mid 2022, this Journal are moved to The National Research and Innovation Agency (NRIA)

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