Prof. Dr. Abuzar Asra, M.Sc, Statistics Indonesia, Indonesia

Dr. Novia Budi Parwanto, Institute of Statistic, Indonesia

Dr. Hartoyo, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Achmad Shauki, Ph.D, The Australia Indonesia Partnership for Economic Governance, Indonesia

Fithra Faisal Hastiadi, Ph.D, University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Achmad Suryana, Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Carunia Mulya Firdausy, MA, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Rina Oktaviani, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Bustanul Arifin, University of Lampung, Indonesia

Dr. Wayan R Susila, APU, European Indonesia Trade Cooperation Facilities, Indonesia

Dr. Slamet Sutomo, Institute of Statistic, Indonesia

Dr. Riyanto, University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Dr. Djoni Hartono, University of Indonesia, Indonesia