Penerapan Flipped Classroom Model Dalam Pembelajaran Identifikasi Risiko Pada Diklat Manajemen Risiko

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Mustofa Kamal


This  action  research  aims  to  assess  the  effectiveness  of  the  Flipped Classroom model in risk identification learning. Risk identification subject is part of the Training  of  Risk  Management.  Models  are  chosen  with  consideration;  the  training participants are not familiar with risk identification and are always close to gadgets. The research method uses qualitative and quantitative. Learning effectiveness was assessed by trainer quantitatively, pre post test, and qualitatively, observations of two cycles of 64 participants   from   indonesian   republic   police,   in   2   different   timing   class.   Learning effectiveness was assessed also by participants through online surveys. The results showed that there was an increase in understanding of risk identification   through an significant increasing in the average values in the both cycles. But, the increasing in second cycle,

1,20, are higher from first cycles, 0,70.  While the results of the observation showed that the good activity of participants in study and discussion. In the other hand, a qualitative online assessment of 40,63% of participants shows 80,77% of participants   asses the learning proses rated very well and 19,23% of participants rated it well.

Keywords: flipped classroom model, risk identification.

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